To my friend Dominic Paone ( Nic Colter )

I became friends with Nic when I was 15. He was 16 years older than I was and it wasn't easy for me to know if he was an adopted father or an older brother; perhaps both. What I can say was Nic and I had an understanding from the beginning. We did everything together. We rejoiced and suffered together never breaking our trust and loyalty.

We played music professionally together and it was Nic who helped guide me down the path of magick. Through several punishing years Nic would reveal to me all the secrets of the arts that he had squandered hoping I would cash in on his failures. I did profit from his generosity but I never acquired what he had hoped for me.

Nic and I performed many venues together and I have yet to hear anyone play the guitar in the manner by which he played. In all the fights we encountered together I have never been in the company of anyone who would fight to the death with me as I did with my friend Nic.

I write this to honor Nic and pay tribute to the best friend I have ever had, my adopted father, my adopted brother and my closest friend I have ever had in my life. Dominic Paone, I owe to you more than I will ever be able to repay. Rest in peace and I love you. Salute!